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Section 7…..Auto Fire Sprinkler Contractor, Maintenance Registration, & Journeyman Fitter

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See OSHA courses “Section 3”

             ( 11 new courses )




# 3


1. Cross connection quiz 


6 hrs





For Info

2. Sprinkler installation for APA rated I joists


6 hrs


3. Plastic pipe fire sprinkler installation quiz


12 hrs


4. Ladder & Stair Quiz 


2 hrs


5. Personal Protection Quiz


4 hrs


6. Firestop_Defintions_Quiz


3 hrs













Gary Klinka has numerous correspondence, internet, and video continuing education courses that

count towards your State of Wisconsin license. A passing score of 70% is required by the State

of Wisconsin to receive the credits. We allow 4 attempts per test at the price listed above.

If more attempts are needed you will only have to re-take the incorrectly answered questions.

All the paperwork is available on my web site, e-mail, fax & mail.


To obtain your Continuing Education Credits follow the below instructions.


1.  Click on course, print out all materials, circle answers, & mail everything in with payment.

2.  Fill in all fields applicable & include your certification or license number.

3.  We’ll take care of crediting with the state and sending back to you the quiz results.


Send by mail

1.  Quiz or answer sheets.

2.  Fill out this form below completely.

3.  Applicable fees by check payable to Gary Klinka.

4.  Mail to: Gary Klinka at 228 Mandella Ct Neenah WI 54956.